Our Participants

Danny V.

Auto Tech, Tucson AZ

Danny is a hardworking do it all auto technician who is ASE certified and looking to build a career in the automotive field.

Santo S.

Laborer, Tucson AZ

Santo has a wealth of experience in landscaping and construction labor, and is passionate about working with his hands


Warehouse Specialist, Tucson AZ

Jesus has worked in many warehouse and labor positions, including assembly, shipping, and customer service.

John Z.

Customer Service Specialist, Tucson AZ

John has over a decade of experience in customer service and restaurant positions.

Matthew Y.

Construction Manager, Tucson AZ

Matthew has leadership experience in the construction field

Gonzalo L.

General Laborer, Tucson AZ

Gonzalo has experience all across the construction field

Chrystal F.

Recovery Support Specialist, Tucson AZ

Chrystal has years of customer service experience and is passionate about helping people in their recovery.

Kevin C.

Sales Specialist, Tucson AZ

Kevin has years of customer service and sales experience, as well as some in construction and demolition

Cynthia W.

Administrative Assistant, Tucson AZ

Cynthia has years of face to face customer service experience

Rashan E.

Healthcare Worker, Tucson AZ

Rashan has expereince as a phlebotomist, and enjoys helping people

Mario A.

Biologist, Tucson AZ

Mario has a variety of experiences as well as a bachelors degree in biology

Elizabeth D.

Retail Specialist, Tucson AZ

Elizabeth has experience in customer service, retail and administrative work

Barbra B.

Caregiver, Tucson AZ

Barbra enjoys helping people and has experience with customer service and caregiving

Thomas R.

Powder Coater, Tucson AZ

Thomas has experience with powdercoating and warehouse production work

Tyreek G.

Welding Assistant, Tucson AZ

Tyreek has experience in warehouses, caregiving and as a welding assistant

Tips for self-filming:

  • Use a computer with webcam first if possible before using a phone
  • Be sure your camera on the computer or phone is at eye level
  • Choose a quiet environment for filming your video
  • Never set up with a window or bright light behind you. Try to face the window or light sources so your face is well lit
  • When using your phone be sure to hold it horizontal (landscape), not vertical (portrait)
  • Your video should be 1-2 minutes
  • Include the following:
    • What work-related skills and traits do you have?
    • What past work experience do you have? Feel free to also speak to education, training, or volunteer experience, if applicable.
    • How have you overcome adversity in your life and how has this helped you become a better employee?