Preparing for your Video Recording and Follow-up Interviews for the Second Chance Tucson

  1. You are submitting a 1 – 2 minute video of yourself speaking directly to the employers. Content guidance is provided below.
  2. You may be offered telephone or virtual interviews when an employer sees your video and likes what they see. A person from Second Chance will be reaching out to you with instructions from the employer.
  3. Understanding how to be well prepared to record your video and attending
    virtual interviews is very important. [email protected], our Department of Economic Security’s workforce system has provided excellent resources to guide you. You should spend plenty of time watching their video and reading the guides on this web page: Virtual Resources | [email protected] ( and then acting on all the recommendations to ensure you are available in a quiet, appropriate environment for these events.
  4. There are several organizations that you will be directed to by just calling Second Chance Tucson at 520-904-6903
    1. You should have a script written and checked. Rehearse at least three times before recording. You must rehearse out loud, not just in your head. You want to look as natural and unflustered as possible.
    2. You must have a resume written and know it well so you can speak to portions of it in your video and interviews. If you do not have a resume be sure and let the person at Second Chance know so they can assist with the task. Know the companies, the dates you worked for them and the jobs you did for them. Include a summary of your resume in your video script plan. (ex: I worked for a major restaurant chain for three years and was promoted to shift lead.) Name the strengths you bring to the employer that will make them want you on their team. (I understand the value of standard procedures and implement them as the company wants them done.)
  5. You must focus on the positive things you are doing in your life to re- establish a good reputation in the community and overcome obstacles. Volunteering, working temporary or part-time jobs, staying compliant with any medical or behavioral health treatment so you are healthy, sober, and clear- headed for work, and staying compliant with any community supervision plan (parole or probation). If you are near the end of that supervision, or you have completed it successfully in the past, you are encouraged to note that, especially if you terminated early due to excellent compliance.
  6. Have the video camera/phone in a stationary location (not your or another’s hand) so that it doesn’t bounce around. Look into the camera as if it were a person. Use appropriate eye contact, but don’t just stare into the camera. Have notes around the camera in some way so you don’t have to look down at notes in your hands or far off to the side. A list of key things to discuss on a piece of paper or cardboard next to the camera can work great.
  7. Be well dressed, well groomed and well hydrated so you don’t seem to be dry mouthed while you are recording or during an interview. (A drink of water within reach is not a problem when an interview lasts longer than 15 minutes.)
  8. When uploading your video, watch the instruction video offered.

Follow up actions

  1. Be sure your voicemail is able to accept messages and has a pleasant greeting, not music or anything other than a simple greeting (Hello, you have reached Susan Jones, I’m sorry I missed your call. Please leave me a message.) Then check your messages as often as possible during the day. Answer your phone whenever possible, but not when you are in an area with loud noises.
  2. Be sure to check your email two or three times each day to not miss any invitations to interviews. Please verify that the email used on the resume is one you are still using and has appropriate text.
  3. Communicate openly about your availability for interview times and ensure you arrive ten minutes before the start time if in person. Plan your transportation so you are not late. For virtual interviews, be online and ready to go no less then 10 minutes early in case of connection issues.